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Hi there!

I love Your article on the E-pro certification was an eye opener. Of course, given that almost 50 percent of the Internet leads go unanswered, perhaps they need to start with the basics. The question is where is the advanced version of E-pro?

Bernice Ross


Real Estate Tomato picks up right where Real Estate Rainmaker -Guide to Online Marketing left off 2 years ago. We need more forward thinkers like your self sharing ideas with others.

Keep up the good work!


Hello, Jim: We really enjoy the style and function of your give good "Tomato"! It's about time someone figured out how to build an effective virtual toolbox for today's Real Estate Professional... oh, hear you might be blowing out some candles today...Have a Happy B'Day from the Corporate staff of Realty Experts, Inc!

Jim, just visited your blog for the first time. I'm a realtor in Murphy NC and am currently looking into starting a blog of my own to serve my current (and hopefully future) clients. Thanks for the inspiration, any tips are always welcomed.

great site! I know Bernice Ross, and if she likes this blog, it's good enough for me. My company, Realty One Real Living has gone out of the major paper here in Cleveland. it has been an adjustment and I was wondering if any one you know has taken any major steps like this and what is the feedback?

Happy New Year, Tomato Man!

Need your snail mail address, I thought I had it but can not find it. You must have one unless you are just one of those people who lives in my computer and are nothing more than 1's and 0's :)

So Jim, I've started this blog JUST FOR FUN for Real Estate Spouses- since I'm not selling anything (services, etc), could you point me in the right direction for getting the social dialogue started? I would hate to ramble alone :)

Never hurts to ask!!!

it has been an adjustment and I was wondering if any one you know has taken any major steps like this and what is the feedback?

Love your site, cant wait to see what you've got up next!

James Eberhard

Hi there Jim,
I've been reading the Tomato for a while now as I am in the process of setting up a blog/website for a realtor. Even though I am not in Real Estate myself, I've found many of your posts very helpful to my own blog. I have instructed the 'client' (I'll be honest here: he's a relative and a bit of a Luddite to boot--that makes it all the trickier!) to read the Tomato too and he's learning lots. (I hope.)
Here's the thing: As I look at the sites of the realtors who post here as well as others I have found, I notice that most tend to keep their 'blogs' and their 'websites' separate. Why is that? I am building the site with blogging software with pages for listings and agent information but where the blog itself is the main page of the site. Is this a mistake? Am I missing something?
Thanks for the good content.


I would say that the most common reason for the Realtors that you see using both website and blog is because they had already had a nice website in place and just wanted to give blogging a shot. Had any of them anticipated the success they were to achieve with their blogs, and had the option to integrate the blog into their website (not all do - proprietary templates in most cases do not allow for this) they would have built the all-in-one blogsite, as we do for our clients. If you need any consulting on this or design help, let us know - we'd be happy to have a look at it.


Jim Cronin

Jim- there is an article in this month's REALTOR magazine comparing emailing campaigns to blogging. I thought it just might be a good topic for one of your articles.

Here's the link:

Who cares about all this blog crap. The name of the game is to built your RE business. I don't care who thinks they may be 1st. Its what's shown on the 1099 at year end. We are all winners if we do the best we can for our clients.


Blogging is a marketing tool. No doubt. It is a proven, effective, alternative to: SEO, pay-per-click, static (advanced access) websites, drip-marketing, open houses, farming, cold-calling, floor-time, kiosks, billboards, magazines, newspaper ads, calendars, door knocking, etc.

Pick your poison. Don't judge what you haven't solved.

Hi, jim

I saw you have a great blog here, and i would like to warmly invite you to join us at



yer coming in loud & clear on Maui!


Wow! I had no idea there was sooo much involved in developing a real estate blog, but the more time I've spent here, the more I realized how much I SHOULD know. I have a lot of RE agents and brokers in my client base and I'll be posting some tools and resources in our affiliate areas. This is definitely a bookmarked resource! Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,


Great site. I have spent an hour or so on here and there is still so much to cover. Thanks.

Sean Murphy, - Oakland Office Space

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